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Key publications on crime, education, health, availability, community safety and official documentation

Here we present important publications on key drug issues. Some items can be downloaded from the Drugscope website, another website, or purchased online.

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You may also like to visit our DS Daily website which lists reports as they come out. Here you can subscribe to a free daily email delivered straight to your inbox, which includes links to new all the reports. Alternatively, you can follow us on twitter for details of reports as and when they are released plus many other alerts about DrugScope and its work.

Problems viewing? If you are having problems opening any PDFs, please right click the link, choose Save Target As... Then save to a location on your computer and then click Open. The PDF should now be visible.

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Community, workplace, social exclusion, housing, homelessness and more...
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Criminal justice
Sentencing, prisons, crime figures, links between drugs and crime etc.
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Information for educators, parents and special groups
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Official documents home
Policy documents such as ACMD and Home Office reports
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Statistics on prevalence, mortality, treatment and crime. Plus information on drug markets
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Good practice and research in treatment e.g. raising quality, studies and surveys and dual diagnosis
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"What Works" research
Latest UK relevant evaluation research. This link takes you to the Findings website. Findings is a partnership between Mike Ashton, DrugScope, Alcohol Concern and the National Addiction Centre