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How much do drugs cost?

The price of drugs varies between different localities and over time.

Prices also tend to fluctuate with fashion (demand) and availability (supply).

Researchers for Druglink's Street Drug Trends 2012 Survey contacted police forces, drug action teams, frontline treatment services and user groups from around the UK, and compiled the following average prices:


Average price

Herbal cannabis (standard) per qtr oz


Herbal cannabis (high strength) per qtr oz


Resin cannabis per qtr oz


Heroin per bag - average bag weight 0.21g


Cocaine per gram


Crack per rock - average rock weight 0.25g


Ecstasy per pill


MDMA powder/crystal per gram


Amphetamine per gram


Ketamine per gram


Mephedrone per gram


Diazepam per pill


Street drug trends. Druglink: November-December., 27(6), 2012.

Updated July 2013.