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Writing for Druglink


Please download our guidelines for Druglink contributors PDF (85.6KB)

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We are very keen to encourage people to write articles for Druglink. If you want to discuss your idea first, please contact the editor, Harry Shapiro, on

If you are going to submit an article, bear in mind the following:

1. Druglink is a practitioner-based magazine for those working in the drugs field or those regularly involved with drug users which covers drug treatment, drug education and prevention, criminal justice, public health and social welfare. Researchers and academics are also regular readers, but Druglink is not a peer-reviewed academic journal. This means that you need to write in a straightforward style with the general reader in mind, with as little jargon as possible and minimal referencing.

2. Articles should be no more than 1500 words in length. Please submit as a Word document (as an e-mail attachment or on disc) together with any ideas you might have for illustrations or photos.

3. Don't worry if you are not an experienced writer. Do the best you can and we will edit your work for you.

4. Articles should be of general interest to the readership. This means we would not normally publish articles about specific agencies and their work unless the work was innovative or pioneering which other could learn from.

5. We get a number of submissions where people write a summary of their research. Please note that a summary of research is not the same as an article. Have a look at your research. What is the most important finding? Does it have implications for policy or practice? What angle of the research is going to be most interesting to readers?

6. We are prepared to consider anonymous articles, but the author must be known to the editor and the article must not breach laws of libel.

7. We are also interested in shorter news pieces. Contact Harry Shapiro to discuss.

For more information please contact Harry Shapiro