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This section of the website will build up into an archive from the pages of Druglink of substantive articles and reviews written by DrugScope staff.

PDF icon Druglink interview - Duncan Selbie (PDF) Vol 27 (5), Sept/Oct 2012 - The Chief Executive of Public Health England speaks to Harry Shapiro about his plans

PDF icon Walk the line (PDF) Vol 27 (4), July/Aug 2012 - While recovery champions are being urged into the spotlight, relapse lurks in the wings. So how effective is the supporting cast in helping those elevated to protect their recovery?

PDF icon Come together (PDF) Vol 27 (4), July/Aug 2012 - A commentary on the final report of the Drug Treatment Expert Group on the role of opiate substitute prescribing in recovery.

PDF icon Headspace (PDF) Vol 27 (4), July/Aug 2012 - Martin Barnes reliving the experience of the last major crackdown on welfare benefits.

PDF icon Politics of the poppy (PDF) Vol 26 (6), Nov/Dec 2011 - As the Western powers prepare to leave Afghanistan, informed opinion concludes that the ten year war against opium growing has been an expensive failure.

PDF icon The Ketamine Zone (PDF) Vol 26 (6), Nov/Dec 2011 - Street drug trends survey.

PDF icon Land of the free (PDF) Vol 26 (5), Sept/Oct 2011 - Marcus Roberts discusses recent debates about ‘recovery’ in mental health, and asks whether too much consensus could be at odds with the concept’s transformative potential and radical roots.

PDF icon Great heroin crash (PDF) Vol 26 (2), March/April 2011

PDF icon Rehab UK (PDF) Vol 26 (2), March/April 2011

Cocaine dossier

To read recent media reports, you could be forgiven for thinking that cocaine had just reached our shores. However, Druglink has been reporting on the growing market for cocaine in the UK for over fifteen years. In this special online-only dossier, we bring together some of our key investigations and feature stories on cocaine, including the first reporting of a two-tier market in the drug and the spread of its use to blue collar workers. Our dossier provides a unique narrative of how cocaine moved from celebrity champagne drug to an integral part of the UK’s night time economy.

Please click the thumbnail below to launch the magazine in a reader (new window). You can browse the pages by clicking the grey arrows at the bottom of the reader. You can also see a table of contents, email pages to your friends and colleagues, search the publication, and more. If you get stuck please click the question mark icon in the top right of the reader.

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For non-Flash users you can download a PDF of the dossier here (PDF 4.9MB)