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LDAN training events

Developing First Line Managers Training - new dates for 2014

Sept 19th, Oct 14th, Nov 6th & Dec 9th

Developing First Line Managers is a part-time programme of management development for first line managers in the drug and alcohol field – including team leaders and service managers.

This programme of workshops has been developed to meet the initial training needs of those who have recently taken up positions as managers of London drug and alcohol services. It is particularly aimed at those who have recently moved from practitioner to management positions, and are managing at least one member of staff. It offers an opportunity for these managers to develop greater confidence and management skills. It also provides the opportunity to work with colleagues from the sector to focus on their practice, and enhance both their own development and that of their organisation. This programme is being repeated for the thirty-first time now, following positive feedback from participants on all the twenty-one previous courses, and demand from senior managers.

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