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Introducing DrugScope Consultancy

Life in the fast-moving environment of the drugs field is highly demanding. Keeping track of the latest thinking and developments in best practice can be difficult when you’re dealing with day-to-day challenges. This is where DrugScope Consultancy can help. In the drug services field we work with agencies and commissioners, helping them find practical solutions to the dilemmas they face. We also provide training and consultancy services to practitioners and planners working in the field of drug education and prevention, working with them to build capacity and more effectively evaluate and disseminate their work.

Why commission DrugScope Consultancy?

Wide-ranging expertise: DrugScope is the UK’s leading independent centre of expertise on drugs. We publish a wide range of reference guides, books and journals for professionals and the general public. The unrivalled DrugScope Information Service provides access to a multi-disciplinary library of over 85,000 documents from around the world.

Extensive experience: DrugScope Consultancy has worked with over 60 DA(A)TS and 350 services. This has equipped us with unique insight into the challenges facing the field, society and government in formulating humane and effective solutions to drug use, misuse and related problems.

Community-based knowledge: DrugScope is at the heart of the drugs community and we work closely with our members and stakeholders across the field.

Quality Assurance: Clients of DrugScope consultancy are guaranteed a high quality service. All consultancy work is carefully tailored by DrugScope to meet the needs of our clients and delivered by DrugScope approved consultants. All reports are DrugScope Quality Assured and approved.

What types of consultancy does DrugScope offer?

With experience of providing advice and support on a wide range of issues, our consultants work with many types of organisations to develop and improve their services. We offer a range of carefully developed tried and tested approaches tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We also offer a completely bespoke service to meet specific needs.

QuADS Organisation Standards for Drug and Alcohol Services now available electronically and for free - download here (PDF - 353Kb)
QuADS is intended for use by drug and alcohol treatment service providers as an assessment tool, to help with the development of quality in services. QuADS looks at an organisational framework for what needs to be done and DANOS provides the staff competence in order to do it. The two standards compliment each other in developing Quality within drug services.


For more information about our consultancy services, e-mail, or call
Richard Tamlyn on 01626 836344 or Neil Baxter on 0161 257 3473


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