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Donating to DrugScope

DrugScope is the UK’s leading charity for drugs information and policy. We aim to inform effective responses to drug use to reduce drug use and the harm that drugs can cause.

Drugs affect individuals, families and communities across the UK. We aim to ensure that accurate information is available to everyone, and that people get the right kind of help wherever and whenever they need it. Your support will help us in this vital work.

You can make a donation to DrugScope in a number of ways:

One-off donations

You can make a secure, tax-efficient online donation by credit card or debit card by visiting the Give Now (Charities Aid Foundation) website here and searching for DrugScope.

GiveNow button

If you would like to make a donation by cheque, credit card or standing order, please complete the donations form (PDF 64KB) and return it to DrugScope.

Gift Aid: increase the value of your donation

If you pay income tax in the UK, your donation will be worth more to DrugScope as we can claim back tax at the basic rate.

For every pound you donate we get an additional 28 pence from the Inland Revenue. The Gift Aid form is simple to complete. Leave the rest to us.

Regular donations by standing order

Regular donations, however small, help us to deliver our services and plan for the future. To make a regular donation by standing order, complete the standing order form (PDF 64KB) and return to DrugScope or forward on to your bank. You can change or cancel the standing order at any time.

Tax-free payroll donations

Payroll giving is a convenient and tax-efficient way to give regularly to DrugScope.

Because your donation is taken from your wages before tax is deducted, the tax that would have been claimed by the Inland Revenue goes to DrugScope.

For more information and/or a payroll giving form contact Martin Barnes, or telephone 020 7234 9730. Once we have received your completed form we will contact your employer to set up a regular donation. Your donation to DrugScope will appear on your payslip. You can change or cancel the donation at any time.


We have a number of sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship packages include:

  • DrugScope publications
  • Events, including conferences and seminars
  • Briefings and reports

The benefits of sponsorship include direct contact with DrugScope’s members, readers and customers. For more information contact

Remembering DrugScope in your will

Legacies, gifts of money or assets left in a Will enable us to plan for the long term and help make our work more secure for the future. If you would like more information on how to remember DrugScope in your will contact us at or phone 020 7234 9730

DrugScope is a registered charity (number 255030) and a company limited by guarantee (number 926236).

For more information please contact Martin Barnes