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Staff, trustees and associates:


Chief Executive: Marcus Roberts

Director of Communications & Information: Harry Shapiro
Director of Policy and Membership: Currently vacant
Communications Manager (part-time): Ruth Goldsmith
Communications Officer (part-time): David Ader
Druglink Editor: Harry Shapiro
Finance Manager (part-time): Dolly Archard
Office Manager: Carol Marsh
Office & Membership Administrator (part-time): Kester Muller
Policy Officer: Gemma Lousely
Senior Policy Officer: Paul Anders
Website Manager and Editor of DrugScope Daily: Jackie Buckle

STRADA (Scottish Training on Drugs and Alcohol)

Joy Barlow
George Burton
John Honey
Tracey McFall
Allan McRobbie
Joyce Nicolson
Lauren Johnston

Strada website:

Board of Trustees

Edwin Richards (Chair)
Richard Ives (Vice Chair)
Hiten Savla (Treasurer)
Alan Laurie
Annas Dixon
Colin Standfield
Debbie Lindsey
Karen Biggs
Richard Johnson
Sandra Jerrim
Wendy Dawson
Vic Hogg
Dr Owen Bowden-Jones


Christine Goodair
Jenny McWhirter
Tim Morrison

For more information please contact Carol Marsh