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Our address:

4th Floor,
Asra House,
1 Long Lane,
London SE1 4PG

Telephone: 020 7234 9730
Fax: 020 7234 9773
Press enquiries only: 07736 895563

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Contact information

Are you looking for information or advice?

At DrugScope we receive a high volume of information enquiries. To help us manage these effectively, please first look at the options below and see if they can help with your request. If you require further help please contact us at and we will respond within three to five working days.

  • If you are looking for a drug treatment service in your area, check our Helpfinder service: a database of drug treatment services in England, Wales and Scotland
  • If you need help with a drug problem or advice about a friend or family member's drug use contact Talk to Frank on 0800 77 66 00 or visit
  • For legal advice about a drug-related issue contact Release on 0845 450 0215 or visit
  • If you would like some basic drugs information visit DrugSearch: our online encyclopaedia of drugs and their history, effects and the law
  • Looking for information or literature for an essay, research or dissertation? Visit DrugData: a searchable database of over 100,000 records of drugs literature in the English Language
  • For information on how to obtain posters and leaflets, visit our Posters and Leaflets pages.
  • If you are looking to be alerted to new developments in the drug and alcohol field, visit DS Daily: our free email service alerting you to all the latest publications and stories
  • If you are looking to develop a career in the drugs field please see the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP) website for information on careers in the drugs field.
  • For information on our books and resources visit Publications: to order DrugScope publications, go to

You can also access the following resources on our site:

  • Key journals: a guide to journals in the drugs field
  • Effectiveness Bank: what works in treatment, education and prevention and criminal justice interventions – including alcohol
  • Good Practice and Research: the latest key documents on crime, education, health, availability and community safety, plus official documentation

If you still need to contact our Information Service - please email and we will respond within three to five working days.

Do you have a press enquiry?

All media enquiries should be directed to Harry Shapiro, at or on 020 7234 9730 (07736 895 563 out of hours).

Do you want to join DrugScope or subscribe to Druglink?

If you or your organisation is interested in becoming a member of DrugScope, or subscribing to Druglink, the UKs leading magazine on drug policy and practice, please email

For information about this website please contact Jackie Buckle