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What we do

DrugScope: what we do

DrugScope is the national membership organisation for the drug sector and the UK's leading independent centre of expertise on drugs and drug use. We are a registered and independent charity.

DrugScope incorporates the London Drug and Alcohol Network (LDAN), a membership organisation for drug and alcohol treatment providers in the capital. We are also partners, with the University of Glasgow, in STRADA (Scottish Training on Drugs and Alcohol), a national training organisation for Scotland funded by the Scottish Government.


DrugScope’s members include individuals and organisations working in drug and alcohol treatment, health, housing, social work, criminal justice, drug education and prevention, academia and other related fields.

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Policy and campaigning

DrugScope lobbies for drug policy that is rational, humane and informed by the evidence. We believe that policy should minimise drug-related harm, protect rights, promote inclusion and fight stigma. We speak with a voice that is fully independent and firmly rooted in the latest evidence and the experiences of our diverse membership, service users and other stakeholders. We represent our members’ views on a number of influential advisory groups, and form alliances with other third sector organisations to further our work in and beyond the drug sector.

You can find out more about our policy and campaigning work here.

Communications and information

DrugScope aims to encourage informed debate on drugs. Our press office provides a reliable and authoritative source of information and comment to journalists from around the world. We publish a bi-monthly magazine, Druglink and a range of professional resource books. Our extensive website hosts a wealth of good quality drug information and our information service provides support and advice to DrugScope members, professionals and the public. We provide a free e-news bulletin about drug and alcohol issues, DS Daily, emailed to over 4500 subscribers every weekday.

DrugScope is a registered charity (number 255030) and a company limited by guarantee (number 926236).