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European links


Drug Awareness Programme (DAP) based in Ireland, aims to provide quality drug education, training and support services which develop knowledge and skills.

Federal Centre for Health Education, a public authority within the directive of the German Federal Ministry of Health. Aims to prevent health risks and to promote a healthy life style. The centre develops frameworks for effective delivery of health education and training.

Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción (FAD) is a drugs information centre providing library services and publications to the general public and people working in the drugs field. In Spanish.

Gruppo Abele collects social sciences publications including drugs, AIDS/HIV, drug-trafficking and social policies. The association also carries out research and provides consultancy and loan services. In Italian.

INEF The INEF exists to actively develop, support, and sustain a network of high quality, comprehensive needle exchange services across Ireland.

ITACA, a Europe-wide organisation for professionals working in the drug field. ITACA aims to enable communication among professionals. The site features their newsletter and selected full text documents relating to drugs in Europe.

National Institute of Public Health, Czech institute whose mission is the promotion and protection of public health. Its drug information centre provides consultancy, databases, training and educational materials.

Sedqa the National Addictions Agency in Malta offers health promotion, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services to persons with drug, alcohol, and/or gambling problems, and to their families. The Agency also carries out research and houses a documentation centre. In English.

Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs (CAN), a non-governmental membership organisation. CAN's mission is the prevention of alcohol and other drugs abuse through the provision of facts, documentation and information.

Swiss Institute for the Prevention of Alcoholism and other Addictions (SIPA), activities include drugs information and prevention. The institute runs a documentation centre which provides information services for social workers, health professionals, educators and students. In French and German.

The European Commission's representation in the UK pages. Includes details of publications, recruitment, history, calls for tender, sources of information, presswatch and events.

The European Opiate Treatment Association (EUROPAD) is a membership organisation which aims to improve the lives of opiate misusers and their families and to reduce the impact of illicit drug use on society . The Association works to develop opiate addiction treatment in Europe but also aims to make a major contribution to the knowledge of, and attitudes to, addiction treatment worldwide.


SIRUS Library has an online collection of SIRUS reports, and policies on Norwegian alcohol and drug legislation. Links to a database of Norwegian rehabilitation centres. Library collection has material in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English.

The National Documentation Centre on Drug Use in Ireland was established in to provide information on drug-related research to those working in the area of drugs research, students, the media, community and voluntary sector, those working in the treatment field and anybody with an interest in the area. The National Documentation Centre maintains an electronic library of research docomentation in the drugs field in Ireland.

EU-Bodies/Focal Points:

European Commission Drug-related sections cover news, community action programmes, European Drugs Prevention Week and EUROBAROMETER. Features downloadable documents. Also lists funded programmes and networks.

Europa featuring news, basic information and updates on policy developments in the EU including drug information. It acts as a gateway to EU-bodies.

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, (EMCDDA), is one of the European Union’s decentralised agencies. Established in 1993 and based in Lisbon, it is the central source of comprehensive information on drugs and drug addiction in Europe.

Note: The EMCDDA had a regularly updated list of focal points and their contact details here


French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addictions(OFDT) monitors the problem of drugs and drug addiction in France. OFDT collects, analyses and disseminates information and promotes the co-ordination of studies.


Institute for Therapy Research (IFT) Since 1988, the work of the institute has been concentrating on substance abuse research in the fields of epidemiology, health education, prevention and treatment. IFT is a non-profit organisation funded mostly by public organisations, federal and regional authorities, associations and insurance companies. In German and English.


Trimbos Institute, Focal Point, an independent, national centre of expertise. It's aim is to improve public mental health. In Dutch and English.


Institute on drugs and drug addiction is the national governmental structure responsible for the coordination of policy in the field of drugs.
The Institute ensures the planning, conception, management, monitoring and evaluation of the different steps of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the field of drugs, aiming at improving the coordination and implementation of the established policies and strategies.


National plan on drugs. Focal Point, set up in 1985 as a result of increased illegal drug consumption in Spain. Activities include collecting, analysing and disseminating national drug information as well as planning and co-ordinating drug prevention activities of different government agencies. In Spanish and English.


National Institute of Public Health, Focal Point, was established in 1992 as a knowledge-generating body. It is a state agency under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. It promotes inter-agency co-operation and the prevention of public health problems with an emphasis on differences in social conditions, gender and location.


The Health Research Board aims to promote, assist, commission or conduct medical, epidemiological, health and health services research. Drug-specific parts of the site cover the activities of its Drug Misuse Research Division and feature full-text documents of research papers, press releases and its annual report in pdf format. The Division maintains the National Drug Treatment Reporting System, the main national database on treated drug misuse in Ireland.


AC-COMPANY, a network that does research into the background and the effects of mobility and drug use as they occur in border areas and in cases of migration. AC-Company compares and records the legal and social welfare situation in neighbouring countries and counsels drug users who are staying in a foreign country.

Archido website acts as a gateway to ARCHIDO's own literature on drugs as well as bibliographic data and literature held elsewhere. The site features bibliographies, reviews of recent books on drugs, and a list of electronic documents. In German and English.

EDDRA Exchange on Drug Demand Reduction Action database, offers easy access to detailed information on a broad range of drug demand reduction actions in the EU Member States. Interventions range from drug prevention, treatment, harm reduction and also include interventions within the criminal justice system. All the programmes include an evaluation component.

EUR-Lex is a database of EU laws and legislation. Also features consolidated EU-Treaties, Community preparatory acts and recent case law. Now includes EUDOR, an EU legal database.

Euro-methwork is a specialist network and forum for those with an interest in medically assisted withdrawal from heroin. Includes a Methadone Assistance Point giving addresses of methadone providers in Europe.

European Association of Libraries and Information Services on Alcohol and other Drugs (ELISAD) exists to facilite networking and information exchange among people in the drug and alcohol field. The ELISAD gateway project provides links to European drug and alcohol websites evaluated by professionals in the member countries.

European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC)is a European network which aims to support the psychopedagogical approach helping drug addicted people to return to a drug-free lifestyle and to become a contributing member of the wider community. EFTC was founded in 1978, is spread across Europe in 25 countries and represents more than 40 treatment organisations.

European Working Group on Drugs Oriented Research(EWODOR), is a membership organisation which was founded in 1986 to provide a forum within which researchers in the field of drug/alcohol treatment, prevention and policy can share research experience and expertise; compare procedures, methods and results; and subject their work to peer examination.

IREFREA is a European network that promotes primary prevention. Activities include: research, primary applied prevention, intervention programmes, theoretical and scientific study of risk factors and training workshops.

ITACA is a Europe-wide organisation for professionals working in the drug field to enable exchange of information and expertise. the site includes their newsletter and selected full text documents relating to drugs Europe.

PREVNET is a network of professionals from various disciplines that use multimedia information technology (telematics) in substance abuse prevention. Prevnet Euro aims to develop working models for telematic drug prevention, combine primary and secondary prevention, and develop approaches that lower the threshold for citizens to contact drug services.

Transnational Institute Drugs and Democracy Project is a network of non-governmental organisations from the Council of European countries who are concerned about the impact of the illegal drug trade and international drug control policies on developing countries. Since 1994 they have been working on the analysis and the link between drugs and development issues.


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