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UK policy

Drugs: Breaking the Cycle, Home Affairs Committee 2012

Drug Strategy 2010 - 'Reducing demand, restricting supply, building recovery: supporting people to live a drug-free life' Home Office, UK. Dec 2010

Impact assessment - This document provides an overarching assessment of the impacts of the new drug strategy Home Office, UK - Dec 2010

Drug Strategy Consultation, 2010 Summary of the consultation responses Home Office, UK, Dec 2010

Cross-government drugs research strategy - Feb 2010

ACMD - Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs - Consideration of the major cannabinoid agonists 2009 (PDF 131KB)

Home Office - The 2008 Drug strategy - one year on, 2009(PDF 347KB)

A review of MDMA ('ecstasy'), its harms and classification under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (PDF 377KB) 2009

Drugs: protecting families and communities - 2008-2018 strategy, 2008
Download: Full report (PDF 1 MB)

Drug Strategy: Action Plan 2008-2011 2008

Cannabis: classification and public health, 2008
The reasons for the majority decision by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) against reclassification.

Home Office Cannabis Potency Study 2008
Report from ACMD representing the Council’s response to the Home Secretary’s request for more information on the potential mental health effects of cannabis.

National Community Safety Plan 2008-11 2007 (PDF 254KB)

Safe, sensible, social - the next steps in the National Alcohol Strategy Summary. UK. Home office, 2007 (PDF 1MB)

Cutting crime - a new partnership. The Home Office Crime Strategy 2007 (PDF 1MB)

Report of Second Tier Activity in the Drugs Sector: final report. 2007 (PDF 217KB)

Drug laws and licensing: Personal licences for travellers who are carrying certain controlled drugs abroad (PDF 202KB) See the guidance here 2007 (PDF 26KB)

Drug classification: making a hash of it?: Fifth report of Session 2005-06: report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence, ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 2006

ACMD report on the classification of Cannabis 2006

Home Office corporate plan 2005-6

Tackling Drugs. Changing Lives 2004 (PDF 1MB)

Hidden Harm: Executive Summary 2003 (PDF 703KB)

Drug Interventions Programme 2003

The Drug Strategy An overview 2002

Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain 1998

Scottish policy

Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland’s Alcohol Strategy. 2nd Annual Report - 2012

Alcohol Etc. (Scotland) Bill (SP Bill 34) (PDF 1.8MB) 2009
An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision regulating the sale of alcohol and licensing of premises on which alcohol is sold and to make provision for the imposition of charges on holders of licences granted under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

The Road to Recovery: a new approach to tackling Scotland's drug problem (PDF)
The Scottish Government's new national drugs strategy.

Drugs Action Plan: Protecting our Future [modified 2006] (PDF 1.4MB)

Prevention and treatment of substance misuse: delivering the right medicine: a strategy for pharmaceutical care in Scotland 2005

Scottish Executive's Annual Report on Drugs Misuse 2003

Interim National Key Indicators Report for Scotland 2000

Tackling Drugs in Scotland: Action in Partnership 1999

Scottish Drug Misuse Information Strategy 1998

Welsh strategy

Working Together to Reduce Harm - The Substance Misuse Strategy for Wales 2008-2018. 2008.
Report setting out new 10 year strategy which aims to set out a national agenda for tackling and reducing the harms associated with substance misuse in Wales.
Download: Full report (PDF 982KB)

Tackling subtance misuse in Wales: A partnership approach 2000-2008 (PDF 2.1MB)

Northern Irish strategy

Drugs Strategy for Northern Ireland (PDF 1MB)

European policy

EU Drugs Strategy 2013-2020 (PDF)

EU Drugs Strategy 2012 (PDF)

EU Drugs Strategy 2005-2012

Annual report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe- EMCDDA 2012

Harm reduction- country overviews 2012

Global Commission on Drug Policy report June 2011 (PDF)

National Drug Strategies for European Union countries EMCDDA

EU Action plan on drugs 2005-2008

European Union - Combating Drugs

USA & Canada

Canada's Drug Strategy Canada 2002

2012 National Drug Control Strategy USA 2012

Asia Pacific Region

Australia's National Drug Strategy (PDF) Australia 2010-2015

New Zealand Drug Policy New Zealand 2007

Singapore Drug Strategy 2007

The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Narcotics Division

International Treaties and Organisations

International Narcotics Control Board Annual Report 2010

United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances 1988

Convention on Psychotropic Substances 1971

Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961

Studies of public policy & coordination

Ensuring balance in national policies on controlled substances, WHO, June 2011 (PDF)

Global Commission on Drug Policy report June 2011 (PDF)

World Drug Report 2008

The Beckley Foundation produces many reports on drug policy

Runciman report -Police Foundation inquiry in Misuse of Drugs Act (PDF 3.7MB) Large file 2000

Select Committee on Science and Technology Second Report on the Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis 2001 (PDF 44KB)

The Government's Drugs Policy: Is it working? Home Affairs Committee Inquiry on Drugs

Government response to Inquiry into the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, Home Office 2001

The Road to Ruin - Sequences of initiation into drug use and offending by young people in Britain, Home Office 2002 (PDF 167 KB)

Time for Breakthrough – Polarisation and Paralysis in Global Drug Policy, TNI, 2002 (PDF)

Room for manouvre: Overview of comparative legal research into national drug laws of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden and their relation to three international drugs conventions, DrugScope 2002 (PDF 103KB)

Tackling Drugs. Changing Lives Latest updates 2007


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