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Druglink is a bi-monthly magazine for all those UK professionals interested in drugs and drug-related issues whether it's treatment, public health, education and prevention, criminal justice or international. Druglink includes the latest news, feature articles, interviews, factsheets, reviews and listings.

Latest issue: September/October 2014, 26(5)

Druglink Sept 14

The latest edition of Druglink is the first of a two-part look at the UK drug scene as represented by articles from Druglink going back to the early days of the magazine. Part Two will bring the story up to date. All this is a prelude to Druglink becoming a freely available web-based magazine from January next year

Free article: Drugs Timeline (PDF) While Druglink did not start even as a newsletter until 1975, here is a simplified overview of the UK drug scene as it developed up to the point where we had, for the first time in 1995, a cross-government strategy for dealing with drugs. The timeline continues in the next issue. Complied by Harry Shapiro and Geoff Monaghan.


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