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PRISM: sharing the ideas around

What is PRISM?

PRISM stands for Practice Sharing Model – a name devised so we could have a prism logo showing how one good idea can be shared around. In all our visits to various parts of the country, we hear of good ideas being carried out at a very local level. It might be an imaginative use of a personal budget or maybe an initiative to divert young people from anti-social behaviour, engage parents in drug education or improve safety for the local community. Often we hear that people would like to share their ideas, but have no mechanism for doing so. Conversely, we hear of workers who would like to find out if colleagues elsewhere have tried a particular activity and what their experience was.

Do these ideas need to have been properly evaluated?

No. This is why we have deliberately avoided the term ‘good practice’. This implies some kind of external evaluation which might inhibit people from posting their ideas because although what they have been doing has worked well (from their point of view), there is no robust evaluation to back it up. But it would be a shame to lose good work simply because there was no budget for a proper evaluation. Naturally, if an idea comes with that, so much the better, because as an organisation we are committed to promoting a solid evidence-base for all activities in the sector. But sometimes a lack of evidence can be an excuse for not doing anything and we do want to see the best ideas out there. It might be that an idea gets picked up and the evaluation follows.

Is there no quality control then?

All forms submitted will go to our web manager who will check them out to make sure what they have undertaken isn’t dangerous or maybe makes unsubstantiated claims for success, for example, a ‘cure’ for heroin addiction. Once each form has gone through this process it will be posted. Also there is the option to report abuse of the system and postings can be removed and/or the originator prevented from making any further postings.

So how does this work?

If you want to upload an idea or a project you have been involved in that you want to share then click here
If you are looking for a project you might want to replicate, click here