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A question of balance: delivering an inclusive treatment and recovery system. DrugScope conference 2012

Tuesday 6th November 2012, London

Thanks to our sponsors, Ansvar Insurance and Reckitt Benkiser, we were able to move to a more spacious venue at the Grand Connaught Rooms, off Kingsway, Holborn. Around 160 delegates heard a sparkling array of presentations focussing on the need to deliver a balanced and holistic treatment system that was evidenced-based and not mired in ideology. The days of bankrupt argument should be behind us as we collectively face a profoundly changing health and social care landscape and strive to make the case for treatment and recovery at the local level.

Pictures from the conference:

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Anna Soubry and Martin Steve Brinksman Emily Robinson
Anna Soubry MP and Martin Barnes Dr Steve Brinksman Emily Robinson
Karen Briggs Annette Dale-Perrera Marcus Roberts
Karen Briggs Annette Dale-Pererra Dr Marcus Roberts
Plenary 1 panel Message in a bottle panel Message in a bottle panel
Plenary 1 panel Message in a bottle panel Message in a bottle panel
Martin and Anna Monty Moncrieff Simon Wakefield
Martin Barnes and Anna Soubry MP Monty Moncrieff Simon Wakefield
John Ramsey Dr John Ramsey Roger Howard
Dr John Ramsey Dr John Ramsey Roger Howard
Professor John Strang Plenary 2 panel Conference lunch
Professor John Strang Plenary 2 panel Conference lunch
Exhibitors at conference Exhibitors at conference Exhibitor - Chris Knott Insurance
Exhibitors Exhibitors Exhibitor - Chris Knott Insurance

Keynote speaker: Anna Soubry MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Health

Plenary speakers:

Click name for presentation. Presentations are in Powerpoint format unless otherwise stated.

Alcohol panellists:

Professor Robin Davidson, Chair of Alcohol Research UK; Crispin Acton, Department of Health; Emily Robinson, Director of Fundraising and Campaigns, Alcohol Concern; Trevor McCarthy independent consultant; Mark Baird, Head of Alcohol Policy, Diageo

Workshop leaders and topics

  1. Latest new drugs to hit the streets: Dr John Ramsey, St George’s HospitalMedical School and Katy MacLeod, Crew2000
  2. Providing service for the older user: Simon Wakefield and Katie Lawrence, NORCAS
  3. Service provision for LGBT clients: Monty Moncrieff, London Friend
  4. Best practice outcomes in residential rehabilitation programmes: Steve Cooke, Chief Executive, Nelson Trust and Wendy Dawson, Chief Executive, Ley Community

Conference feedback

Here's a selection from the many positive tweets and evaluation form comments received on the conference:

"The variety of perspectives covered was really good. Workshop on new drugs was v.v. interesting. Ministers speech was excellent"

"Well done DrugScope for an interesting and stimulating day"

"All very interesting. Alcohol discussion very lively"

"Good debates - excellent to have a member of alcohol industry present"

"All presentations topical and stimulating"

"Covered many topics, lots of discussion and great analysis of the political landscape relevant to the field"

"Very insightful and thought provoking - the varied [alcohol] panel was refreshing, i.e. Trevor McCarthy"

"Thought provoking with opposing views. Very well moderated"

"Keynote address was heartening and excellent ... Positive and inspiring for future"

"The diversity of the [alcohol] panel and willingness and opportunity to debate 'in a real' way - excellent."

"Great conference which was very informative but highlighted the work that still needs to be taken"

"Anna Soubry discussion was very good"

"Good range of speakers. Positive day. Excellent lunch"

"Very well chaired, interesting and lively session with some good 'hot topics'"

"Excellent presentation from Prof John Strang 'there's a pre-occupation with numbers in treatment' "

"Very experienced speakers"

"Very varied and balanced programme, good discussions and sometimes controversial views. Good chance to speak out!"

"Good range of speakers/panel members. Excellent discussion and debate. Trevor McCarthy!"

"Interesting to hear alcohol industry perspective"

"Excellent variety of views and perspectives"

"Trevor McCarthy - really informative and amusing"

"Excellent stimulus and enjoyable day, thankyou"

"The talk from Ann Soubry (MP) found it very interesting to hear her view"

"Lots and lots to take back to our service in terms of ideas and challenges"