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Study Safely - tips for students
Going to college or university, especially when moving to a new city, is often about having your world opened to a range of new experiences. It's a time to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. If you were to believe the media, you might think that most students use these new found freedoms getting drunk or stoned out of their mind. In truth, perhaps half of you won't want anything to do with drugs, and many of you will only try them once or twice, but some of you will be regular users.

We all know that the safest thing to do is not to take drugs at all, but since many of you will use drugs, we have designed this booklet to reduce the risks you are taking. This booklet covers all drugs - from the everyday caffeine to prescription drugs such as anti-depressants to ecstasy. We give you the latest information available on the effects of drugs, the risks and ways to reduce them, how to deal with problems (should they arise) and what the law says. Keep this web-site bookmarked - the first aid information alone may just save someone's life. But please remember, we have space for only limited information. Each college and university is likely to have a different approach to students with drug-related problems, so you may need more information - the local agencies listed in the Useful Contacts Section will be able to help.

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Drug Safety the Basics
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Grateful thanks to the Bridge House Estates Trust Fund for funding this web site and booklet. This campaign is brought to you by the 26 London Drug Action Teams and the London Drug Policy Forum in partnership with ISDD (Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence). Sponsorship has been provided by the Central Drugs Coordination Unit with support from Time Out, Ideology, Event Planners and the Leisure Lounge.

Acknowledgments With thanks to the following for help and support: Doug Trainer, Julie Eason, Simon Kemp, National Union of Students; - Fiona Waye, Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals; - Tony Walker, AMOSSHE and our panel of experts who read and commented on this web site Lastly, none of this would have been possible without Claire Foxley, Event Planners Limited, the London Drug Policy Forum, the London Drug Action Team Coordinators and Gary Hayes and Harry Shapiro at ISDD.
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