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About Helpfinder - search the database now

Welcome to Helpfinder DrugScope's database of drug treatment services. This database was developed by DrugScope. Helpfinder provides contact information and basic service provision details for drug treatment and care services in England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands. Helpfinder enables you to search for organisations providing specialist treatment for drug users, their families and friends. Helpfinder can be used to search for organisations in your area and print their contact details.

Download a form (PDF 127KB) to add your drug treatment service to the database. We welcome submissions from all UK treatment services.

Download our new list covering sources of help and information on drugs and drug related issues in the UK (PDF 350KB)

Click here for more information on drug treatment in the UK and what to expect from drug services. For more information on the types of drug treatment services available click here. To find out more about using drug treatment services click here. The rest of the DrugScope website also provides a wide range of information about drugs.

For information on drug treatment services in Scotland visit the Scottish Drugs Forum site and click on 'find a drug service' to search.

For information on drug treatment services in Northern Ireland visit the site

For information on drug treatment services in Wales visit the National Assembly for Wales site. Wales also has a new free and bilingual drugs and alcohol helpline - DAN 24/7 - Tel: 0800 6 33 55 88

For information on drug treatment services in other parts of Europe visit the Elisad Gateway site and/or the Central and Eastern European Harm Reduction Network.

For information on drug treatment services in the United States visit SAMHSA’s Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator Service

For details of Alcohol services please click here. This information is provided by Alcohol Concern.

There are many other ways to get help and information in the UK. Talk to Frank on 0800 77 66 00 provides free advice, counselling and referral to specialist services 24 hours a day. GPs also offer information, treatment and referral to specialist services.

For information on organisations run by drug users for drug users please contact the National Drug Users Development Agency (NDUDA) on 020 8986 5475.

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