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Corporate support

DrugScope can offer a number of sponsorship opportunities and are keen to develop corporate partnerships with a wide range of companies. We recognise the particular benefits that corporate partnerships can bring to small organisations such as ourselves.

To date, DrugScope has enjoyed successful partnerships with Ansvar Insurance, Chris Knott Insurance, Reckitt Benckiser and the Brit Trust, the charitable arm of the UK record industry. Their generosity has funded work which would have been beyond our resources otherwise, bringing benefits to DrugScope members, supporters and the wider public.

If you represent a company looking for a charity partner, please do consider DrugScope, the national membership organisation for the drug sector. Drug problems can and do affect anyone, from any walk of life. DrugScope and our members are working to ensure that everyone affected gets the chance to recover and rebuild their lives.

As a corporate partner, your company could directly sponsor a DrugScope publication or event, including conferences and seminars, helping you achieve direct contact with our many members, readers and customers. We are open to working creatively with corporate partners and to develop a partnership which is mutually beneficial. For instance, we would welcome offers of pro bono support or skill sharing, or the provision of volunteers to support the delivery of events.

If you’re interested in developing a corporate partnership with DrugScope, why not watch this short video of our previous Chief Executive, Martin Barnes, explaining what we do and how we could work with you?

This video was produced by Corporate Charity Connections, in association with Third Sector magazine. For more information, please contact