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Young people

Most children and young people do not and will not use illegal drugs. Most young people who do use drugs will not develop serious problems or require specialist drug and alcohol services - as they will stop using with the help and support of their family or a trusted adult, such as a teacher or a youth worker.

DrugScope supports investment in the provision of high-quality, evidence-based education and information for young people, which should be available in every school. Young people with other problems in their lives are the most vulnerable to drug and alcohol problems, and significant numbers need access to specialist services. We recognise the need for integrated interventions for young people, and investment in mainstream services (like schools and youth agencies), supporting families and strengthening communities.

Recent DrugScope activity

DrugScope resources

Drug Education Forum. DrugScope is a member of the Drug Education Forum which is a forum of national agencies that is committed to improving the practice and profile of drug education.

Drug Education Practitioners Forum. DrugScope provides administrative support for the Drug Education Practitioners Forum, which promotes quality in drug education through support for the professional development of drug education practitioners working in formal and informal settings.

DrugScope is currently working with the Royal College of Psychiatrists to develop practice standards for young people’s treatment and with the UK Drug Policy Commission on a research report on the impact of localism and spending cuts on young people’s services.

Reports and briefings

Domino Effects: The impact of localism and austerity on services for young people and on drug problems (2012) (PDF)
This briefing reviews the changes that are occurring to services for young people at the local level and considers the potential impact of these for drug problems. It draws on interviews with 27 people working in a range of different types of young people’s services in nine local case study areas, a one-day event attended by people from statutory and voluntary organisations working with young people, as well as relevant published reports. The main focus of this report is on services for adolescents, generally those under 18, which tends to be the threshold for transition into adult services.

Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment at the Crossroads (2010) (PDF)This report looked at the challenges for young people’s treatment services and identifies key issues that remain relevant to current debate, including the role of children’s services and the issue of transition for the young adult group.
Consultation responses

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Consultation responses

DrugScope response to the DfE ‘Positive Futures’ consultation (2010) (PDF)

Drug Education Practitioners Forum response to Drugs: Guidance for Schools (2010) (PDF)