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Public health & localism

The drug and alcohol sector is being impacted by profound changes in the wider economic and political environment. It has been announced that the National Treatment Agency will be abolished in April 2013, with its responsibilities transferred to the new public health service. The pooled treatment budget for drug treatment will be absorbed into a general public health budget, and local commissioning will be the responsibility of Directors of Public Health, guided by Health and Wellbeing Boards, and employed by Local Authorities. At the same time, Local Authorities are experiencing significant reductions in their overall budgets, with a potential impact on drug and alcohol services, and on services and resources to support recovery, such as housing and access to employment and other forms of meaningful activity.

DrugScope has taken a leading role in campaigning to ensure that adequate investment in high quality, evidence-based services is maintained across the country, as well as providing information and supporting to enable our members to adapt to this changing environment.

Recent DrugScope activity

Public Health Survey. From April 2013 local authorities will be responsible for the commissioning of drug and alcohol services. DrugScope has produced a new survey on the public health reforms to ascertain how prepared members are to meet these changes that will soon be affecting them. We would greatly appreciate any time you could spare to complete the survey. Respondents will enter a prize draw to win one of two £20 Amazon vouchers.

Drug Treatment Consensus Statement (2010) (PDF) DrugScope worked with our partners in the Drug Sector Partnership to produce a ‘consensus statement’ on the future of treatment. The consensus statement was signed by over 70 leading representatives from the sector.

Our work with the recovery partnership. As part of the Recovery Partnership, DrugScope has had the opportunity to present evidence to the Inter-ministerial Group on Drug Policy on topics including housing and employment, education and training.

DrugScope was represented on the Advisory Group for the UK Drug Policy Commission’s localism and austerity project, which produced the report Charting New Waters.

DrugScope resources

Reports and briefings

The Public Health Reforms: What they mean for drug and alcohol services A DrugScope briefing for the Recovery Partnership (February 2013) (PDF)

Building for Recovery (2012) Thisreport by DrugScope on behalf of the Drug Sector Partnership identifies the key constituents of a ‘recovery-oriented’ treatment system and discusses both the opportunities and risks for the drug and alcohol treatment sector at a time of far-reaching policy change and financial austerity. It concludes with ten key recommendations.

Police and Crime Commissioners – a briefing for the drug and alcohol sector (2012). This DrugScope briefing for the Safer Future Communities initiative aims to provide a short and accessible overview of the PCC reforms and their implications for the drug and alcohol sector.

Consultation responses

DrugScope response to the Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry on drug policy (2012)

DrugScope response to NICE consultation on the Commissioning Outcome Framework for Clinical Commissioning Groups (2012)

DrugScope response on draft Joint Strategy Needs Assessment and joint health and wellbeing strategy guidance (2012)

DrugScope response to the Health Select Committee consultation on Public Health (2011)

DrugScope response to the Healthy lives, healthy people consultation (2011)

DrugScope response to the Building Recovery in Communities consultation (2011)

DrugScope response to the Spending Review consultation (2010)

DrugScope response to the Drug Strategy consultation (2010)