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Older People Report thumbnail It’s about time: Tackling substance misuse in older people – by DrugScope on behalf of the Recovery Partnership (PDF). This report brings together information about older people and substance misuse – including use of alcohol, illicit drugs and prescribed and over-the-counter medications – from a range of sources, including published research and reports, service visits and a roundtable attended by academics, policy specialists, practitioners and former service users. In doing so, it aims to identify some of the key issues and problems in this area, and makes strategic and policy recommendations for change, as well as good practice recommendations for substance misuse and older people’s services.

Pathways Cover

Pathways to Employment (PDF) This report was produced as part of the LDAN Pathways to Employment project, funded by Trust for London. The report pulls together several strands of work, including surveys with employers and jobseekers, and in-depth interviews with people in or having recently left treatment for drug and / or alcohol use. The report highlights examples of current good practice as well as identifying key barriers to employment and suggests ways to overcome them.

Challenge of Change cover

The challenge of change: Improving services for women involved in prostitution and substance use (PDF) This was a joint project between DrugScope and AVA (Against Violence and Abuse), funded by the Pilgrim Trust. The Challenge of Change research study has focused on policy and practice to address the drug and alcohol treatment needs of women involved in street-based prostitution.
Recovery in your Community Making recovery a reality in your community: A briefing for commissioners of mental health, drug and alcohol services (PDF) is a briefing from the Centre for Mental Health, DrugScope and Alcohol Concern which urges commissioners to tackle the poorly integrated support received by those with overlapping needs.
Homelessness Report Cover

Making connections to build recovery: London Drug and Alcohol Network Homelessness Project Report (PDF) LDAN has produced a report on homelessness providing an overview and update of key issues for policy and practice, and summarising some of the topics explored at the LDAN forums, as well as highlighting innovations in meeting the needs of rough sleepers and homeless individuals with histories of dependency and complex needs.

DV Report Cover

Making the connection: Developing integrated approaches to domestic violence and substance misuse (PDF) This is the final report of DrugScope/LDAN’s Domestic Violence project, funded by London Councils, which focused on the development of a cross-sectoral network bringing together domestic violence and drug and alcohol services. The report presents the key learning from the projet, and should act as a useful and ongoing resource for practitioners, as well as local commissioners.

Alcohol stratgey briefing cover

The Alcohol Strategy and beyond (PDF) is a DrugScope briefing for the drug and alcohol sector on developments in alcohol policy. What is the focus of the strategy? Does the evidence support it? How does the alcohol strategy fit in the wider context of drug and alcohol policy? This briefing looks at all the main issues, while providing links and resources and a glossary of terms.

Building 4 Recovery

Building for Recovery (PDF) The 2010 Drug strategy set out a vision for ‘recovery-oriented’ drug and alcohol treatment. What does this involve? What are the opportunities for and barriers to implemention in a period of radical policy change and financial austerity? This DrugScope report for the Drug Sector Partnership contributes to the important debate about the nature of recovery, sets out the challenges and makes recommendations.

Troubled families agenda cover

The Troubled Families Agenda (PDF) The Prime Minister launched a major new initiative for ‘troubled families’ in December, with a commitment to Government investment on a ‘payment by results’ basis. This Adfam, DrugScope and UKDPC briefing provides an overview of this initiative with a focus on its relevance for drug and alcohol services and links to further information and resources.

Police Crime Commissioners

Police and Crime Commissioners (PDF) Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) will be elected in November 2012. They should have an interest in local drug and alcohol services given their responsibility for crime reduction, and will control relevant budgets. This briefing for ‘Safer Future Communities’ provides an overview of the PCC role for our sector, and resources to help you prepare.

Dual Diagnosis cover

Dual diagnosis: a challenge for the reformed NHS and for Public Health England (PDF) This discussion paper from DrugScope, the Centre for Mental Health and UKDCP considers the high proportion of people in both mental health and substance misuse services with ‘dual diagnosis’. It considers the potential impact of reform of the NHS and public health for this group highlighting some key challenges and identifying opportunities and ways forward.

Public Health Reforms briefing The Public Health Reforms: What they mean for drug and alcohol services A DrugScope briefing for the Recovery Partnership (February 2013) (PDF)
Fulfilling lives report

Fulfilling lives: A guide to the new policy environment for multiple needs (PDF)

This briefing has been prepared by DrugScope on behalf of the Making Every Adult Matter Coalition. It provides an overview of policy themes and initiatives relevant to the multiple needs agenda, including substance misuse, criminal justice, homelessness, mental health and broader issues of public service reform.


DrugScope submission to the Work and Pensions Select Committee Inquiry into Benefit Sanctions (PDF) December 2014

DrugScope response to Local Welfare Provision in 2015/16: A consultation document (PDF) November 2014

DrugScope response to the Health Premium Incentive Scheme 2014/15 – technical consultation (PDF)

Social Security Advisory Committee public consultation: The Universal Credit (Waiting Days) Amendment Regulations 2014 (PDF)

Social Security Advisory Committee public consultation: The Social Security (Waiting Days) Amendment Regulations 2014 (PDF) 2014

Consultation on the Child Poverty Strategy 2014-17 (PDF) May 2014

Independent review of Jobseeker’s Allowance Sanctions - Joint submission from DrugScope & Homeless Link – January 2014 (PDF) Appendices (PDF)

DrugScope response to ‘Providing social housing for local people’ consultation (PDF) November 2013

DrugScope response to the Department for Work and Pensions Commissioning Strategy Consultation - September 2013 (PDF)

The Work Capability Assessment – A Call for Evidence: Year 4 Independent Review, August 2013. A response from Release DrugScope and Adfam (PDF) August 2013

DrugScope response to “Sustaining services, ensuring fairness”, a Department of Health consultation on migrant access and financial contribution to NHS provision in England (PDF) August 2013

LDAN/DrugScope response to MOPAC’s consultation for the second Mayoral strategy on violence against women and girls (2013-17) (PDF) August 2013

Work & Pensions Select Committee Inquiry into the role of Jobcentre Plus Joint submission from DrugScope & Homeless Link (PDF) May 2013
Brief for enquiry - Role of Jobcentre Plus in the reformed welfare system

DrugScope response to Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006: Consultation on Proposed Changes to the Regulations (PDF) April 20-13

DrugScope response to Department of Health consultation (PDF) January 2013

DrugScope/LDAN response to effective community sentences (PDF) June 2012

DrugScope response to the Home Affairs Select Committee (PDF) January 2012

DrugScope response June 2011 (PDF) Health Select Committee Consultation Inquiry into Public Health