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Families & relationships

DrugScope recognises the impact that drug and alcohol problems can have on children, families and carers and the importance of providing appropriate interventions and support. We work closely with Adfam to support its work as the leading independent organisation working with and for families affected by drugs and alcohol.

Recent DrugScope activity

We hosted a roundtable event on the Troubled Families agenda in partnership with Adfam in 2012 to bring together civil servants, including officials from the Troubled Families Unit, together with representatives of the sector, practitioners and academic specialist to explore the relevance of the Troubled Families agenda for families affected by substance misuse.

DrugScope facilitates a practitioners network on domestic violence and substance misuse in London through the London Drug and Alcohol Network (LDAN) . This project is funded by London Councils. Information and resources are available on the LDAN website here.

DrugScope resources

Reports and briefings

The Troubled Families agenda – what does it all mean? (2012) (PDF) This joint Adfam/DrugScope briefing explains and explores the Government’s Troubled Families initiative and the corresponding programme of work.

Recovery and drug dependency – a new deal for families (2009) (PDF) Drawing on a seminar held by Adfam and DrugScope, this briefing considers recovery and the family as mutually reinforcing and suggests ways of moving forward to improve outcomes for problematic drug users, their families and wider society.