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Drug & alcohol treatment

DrugScope believes that anyone experiencing a drug or alcohol problem should have access to high quality, evidence-based treatment. We believe in a balanced treatment system that can respond to the particular needs, assets and goals of individual service users. Needle exchange, substitute prescribing, detoxification services, structured day services, twelve step programmes, peer support networks, residential rehabilitation and other services all have a role to play. The key thing is that people are getting the right services for them, delivered in the right way and at the right time. We are working to support drug and alcohol treatment services to respond to changing patterns of drug use, a tranformation of planning and commissioning structures and funding pressures.

Recent DrugScope activity

Our work on drug and alcohol treatment includes:

The Public Health Reforms: What they mean for drug and alcohol services A DrugScope briefing for the Recovery Partnership (February 2013) (PDF)

Letter to the Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Health. (PDF) (February 2012). DrugScope worked with the recovery partnership to prepare a letter that was sent to the Home Secretary and the Secretary of State for Health, signed by over 90 leading figures in the drugs field. The letter highlighted the need for safeguards to protect investment in drug and alcohol treatment.

Our work with the recovery partnership. As a member of the Recovery Partnership, DrugScope is committed to ensuring that the views and concerns of the drugs field are represented to Government. We have prepared and presented a number of papers to the Inter-Ministerial Group on Drug Policy.

DrugScope co-ordinates a Chief Executive’s Treatment Providers Forum as well as a Senior Managers Group for treatment providers and a Service Providers Group (with the NTA) in London.

DrugScope resources

Reports and briefings

The Public Health Reforms: What they mean for drug and alcohol services A DrugScope briefing for the Recovery Partnership (February 2013) (PDF)

Building for Recovery (2012) (PDF) This report by DrugScope on behalf of the Drug Sector Partnership identifies the key constituents of a ‘recovery-oriented’ treatment system and discusses both the opportunities and risks for the drug and alcohol treatment sector at a time of far-reaching policy change and financial austerity. It concludes with ten key recommendations.

Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment at the Crossroads (2010) (PDF) This report looked at the challenges for young people’s treatment services and identifies key issues that remain relevant to current debate, including the role of children’s services and the issue of transition for the young adult group.

What does the public really think about addiction and its treatment? (2009) (PDF)This briefing discusses the findings of a DrugScope/ICM poll on public attitudes to drug treatment. One in five respondents had first hand experience of drug addition (either directly or indirectly) and nine out of 10 agreed that drug treatment should be available to anyone wanting to address a drug addiction

Drug Treatment at the Crossroads (2009) (PDF) This report influenced the political debate on drug treatment,and the development of the 2010 Drug Strategy. It was based on extensive consultation with our members and other key stakeholders. At a time when the public debate about treatment was becoming more polarised, it argued for a balanced treatment system.

Consultation responses

DrugScope response to “Sustaining services, ensuring fairness”, a Department of Health consultation on migrant access and financial contribution to NHS provision in England (PDF) August 2013

DrugScope response to the Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry on drug policy (PDF) (2012)

DrugScope response to the Health Select Committee’s inquiry on public health (PDF) (2011)

DrugScope response to the NTA’s ‘Building Recovery in Communities’ consultation (PDF) (2011)

DrugScope response to the Drug Strategy Consultation (PDF) (2010)