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Press office

PLEASE NOTE: DrugScope closed on 31 March and the organisation has been placed in administration. You can read more about this here

Harry Shapiro, DrugScope's former Director of Communications and Information, remains available in a personal capacity for comment on drugs and drug-related issues. You can contact him (with media enquiries only) on 07712 529936.


DrugScope aims to encourage informed debate on drugs, a subject that attracts considerable media attention.

Our Press Office deals with hundreds of calls every year from journalists working across the full range of media outlets, at local, regional, national and international level. DrugScope provides journalists with a reliable and authoritative source of information and comment.

The DrugScope Press Office provides many services to media, including arranging interviews with DrugScope spokespeople, providing up-to-date statistics and drug information, assisting researchers with programme development, providing comment and opinion articles and advising on drama storylines and scripts.

As a membership, information and policy charity we are unable to provide service users or individuals experiencing problems with drugs either as spokespeople or as 'case studies'. However, we are able to direct the media to organisations that work directly with service users and others.

The DrugScope Press Office operates an out of hours call service, so journalists can always get in touch with us. We aim to respond to media enquiries as quickly as possible.

Please see our policy pages for more information on DrugScope's views.

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